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Men's Answers: How to style your hair

This is the first in a series of posts to help men with styling and grooming in areas they may need a little help with. Before I started Hairdressing/Barbering I had very little experience in styling any type of hair including my own. My routine consisted of: Go to mirror, look at weird bed produceed hair style, get hair product(most probably gel in those days), rub in hands and then mush into hair(mainly in the front) I was never very happy with the outcome but i just thought that's what happened. Now I don't know if everyone was as hopless as me but I think many men feel a bit lost in the morning so heres a few things I've learnt to help you all look your best every day.

1. Wet your hair

If you shower at night or if you just aren't into showering in the morning you need to wet your hair from the sink. You will find when you wake up your hair is a bit all over the place so you need to reset it. You can't simply fix the morning hair with product. You also need to make sure you wet the roots of your hair as that is where you get direction from. Don't just splash a bit on top. Then Comb/push with your fingers you hair in the direction you want it to go. ie. if you want the sides to go forward push them that way, if you want a pomp(pompadour) or parted style comb you hair in the direction you want it to end up.

2. Dry your hair

With a hair dryer. Steal you wife's/girlfriend's/mother's/sister's dryer or buy a cheap(or expensive) one. By drying your hair in the direction you want you set it up for the day. If you let the roots dry in a funny direction you'll be stuck with it. Most products are for finishing styles off. There are however a few products to aid with adding volume(puffiness) to a style such as a pomp that can be added before drying. So in keeping with the way you've combed or pushed your hair start to dry it. So if you have parted your hair on the right and most of it is combed right to left then dry away from the part ie. hold the dryer on the right and point it towards the left for the larger portion of hair and point it the other way as you style the smaller portion of hair. You can actually hold down the part of your hair you don't want to style as you are styling the other part. Remember the direction the dryer blows the hair is the direction it will end up.

3. Add your product

If you are using a tub style product use your index finger to get a pea size ammount out and paint it on your opposite palm. If its a tube style then squeeze a pea size into your palm. Now rub the product all over palms and fingers until you get an even coverage on both hands and don't see any chunks of the product. now just use your fingers to apply the first ammounts of product so as not to put it all in one spot. You can rub more product onto your fingers from your palms as you go. Use your fingers to direct the hair how you want it to end up ie. in the same way you dried it. If it feels like you havent used enough product then just repeat the steps.

4 Finish

If you want a classic pomp or parted style you can finish by running a comb over after you have put in the product. The comb will give fine lines of hair where as your fingers will give chunky lines of hair. If you are someone who doesn't qwant to have to think about your hair again for the day get a strong hold hair spray and spray all over your hair to set the style in place. If you tend to run your fingers through your hair during the day the hairspray finish probably isn't for you.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions drop us a line on our facebook page. I'll also give you full tutorial as I'm doing your hair so you could always just book in, get a cut, some sweet advice and a cheeky beer.



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